The potential for efficient energy usage in hotels, restaurants, tourist attraction facilities, and entertainment complexes is tremendous. Luzol can help with targeted changes in specific environments, or entire transformations for business chains. We understand the importance of keeping operational costs minimal while delivering a great guest experience. 

Our services include: 

  • Efficient powering of hotel rooms, meeting rooms, lobbies, kitchens, restaurants, and parking lots
  • Lighting solutions for ceiling lights, lamps, display cases, and signs
  • Wide range of colour options to create the desired mood
  • Immediate on/off lighting with dimming options (no flickering or delays)
  • Solutions for both Indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Reliable products that last for a long time and require little maintenance
  • LEDs contain no toxic chemicals and are easily recyclable
  • Immediate cost savings with 40-80% lower energy consumption
  • Competitive pricing with the best warranty in the industry
  • Positive publicity and growth opportunities for the venue


A global energy solutions company with offices in the United States, Central America, and Central West Africa. We specialize in the consultation and installation of solar energy and LED lighting solutions for residential, commercial, and municipal sectors. Read more...


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