Solar Energy

Sunlight is abundant, powerful, and natural - harnessing its energy will provide you with limitless clean, renewable energy. This is becoming high in demand for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional organizations seeking extraordinary returns on their investment while meeting sustainability goals. Solar photovoltaic systems (PV systems) can convert sunlight to electricity to power anything from streetlamps to household appliances. PV systems don’t require a lot of maintenance, don’t emit any pollution, and don’t cause any noise. They produce clean, green energy and they last for decades. 

  • An abundant source of energy that works even on cloudy days
  • Will save you money and even generate income
  • Options for both off-grid and grid-tied systems
  • Can be mounted on rooftops or on the ground
  • Excess energy can be stored in battery banks or fed back to the grid for credits
  • Solar thermal heating can save you more than 70% compared to conventional methods
  • Easy, efficient installation with minimal disturbance to business operations
  • We use top-rate products that are backed by the best warranties in the industry
  • We have the most competitive pricing on the market


A global energy solutions company with offices in the United States, Central America, and Central West Africa. We specialize in the consultation and installation of solar energy and LED lighting solutions for residential, commercial, and municipal sectors. Read more...


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